Clean water -
guarantee of health!

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One of the main conditions of preservation of health is to drink enough clean water. Because our body is almost on 70 % consists of water. Therefore, for the normal functioning of the majority of functions of the organism needs of clean drinking water in the amount of 2,5-3 liters a day. Consumption of insufficient quantity can cause dryness of the body, increased fatigue, apathy, headache, impaired concentration, dry skin, and even to lowered blood pressure.

At that, according to the media: "40 % of the population in the Russian Federation receive poor-quality water purified nenormativnaja level and 80 % of all diseases are caused by drinking contaminated water".

Consumption 2.5-3 litres of clean water a day is an important element of maintaining human health! In order to clear your tap water from major impurities and additives, you must filter it before use. Would work perfectly in this Avertum.